A Complete Student

The Education Ministry will want to make the extra-curricular activities a priority in schools as they think that participation of students have not reached the desired level.

Although this change of thought is very much welcomed by parents like me, I still hope that Datuk Seri Hishammuddin will open his eyes and realised that his Ministry should TRAIN the teachers first and change their mindset from being a 110% Hitler’s style full year academic achievement, to a more balanced perspective. Not that I am banging the private schools have a better and balanced activities but this is so true. Why cant the teachers (the Head Of School in particular) in most Government schools be more proactive in developing all these young minds? Instead of worrying what goes in “Keceriaan” programme which eats money from the students, why cant we stick to the basics?

I am at awe with what most of the teachers my daughter’s school goes to. Their mindlessness at developing curious minds have made the children to be anti-progress, cocooned, too accepting, and what is worse, no respect towards the teachers. I dont remember these happening when I was at school. My former teachers still command a high respect from me everything we bump into each other in the market.

Only 56% of students are involve in uniformed units. Why is this? I have personally seen some of the uniformed units’ teachers….they dont even believe in their OWN units. They delegate the responsibilities to senior students who in turn, actually need guidance themselves.

Parents can do as much at home to train and to teach their children. However the bulk of the school activities still remain at school. The Ministry should have a wake up call now TO CHANGE THE TEACHERS MINDSET first. Then, after much brainwashing, hopefully (fingers crossed) they found their wisdom and pass it on to the students.


Of Incompetent Teachers

As a mother to a 16 year old girl, I can relate fully to any moms and dads who have gone through nightmares of bringing up a teenager. There are friends who can influence them to do bad or good things. But I guess they spend a lot more deal in school nowadays than at home, so the other party who wields another strong influence is the teachers.

The issue I want to ponder here is this: what makes a good teacher?

When my daughter was transfered to this particular school in Damansara Utama area 2 years back, she was happy with her newfound friends and adjusted pretty well. However, a few months down, I noticed the stories she brought back … of rude teachers and/or MIA teachers for some classes or…unqualified teachers (?). This disturbed me and hubby. We went to meet the class teacher and was not so impressed with what we heard.

Here we are in 21st century where Science and Maths subjects are taught in English and , from what I can gather, the teachers in these subjects are not so proficient in English and they have thick slang which makes it difficult for the students to understand.

Now, before anyone else come and bombard me with “you are not perfect too” statement, please dont get me wrong. These are important subjects. I am no teacher (thats why I dont teach) but to have a basic command of the language to teach excited and young minds as these, surely it is not too much to ask for some preps or training in teacher’s colleges? 

On 23rd July, a School Head in SK Gayang was suspended following complaints that she slapped 22 Year Four pupils for failing to turn in their homework.

In Sibu, a female teacher had forced nearly 200 students into a fish fond as the school’s toilet bowls were repeatedly clogged by sanitary pads dumped into them.

In Miri, seven Form One students suffered injuries on their backs and buttocks due to the repeated canning by their teacher. They said the male teacher had beaten them with a rotan between 10 and 20 times after he found the hostel in a mess, with rubbish strewn around.

Another issue …: of teachers with bad etiquette..

And I am talking about the Headmistress.

Scene 1: Early January. Lyn had one asthma attack the night before school reopens. We missed the bell by a few minutes and didnt see where the new Form 4 students in the school compound. Could it be in the hall? Dunno..So I said to Lyn, lets check with the office, they could tell us where the students are.

Scene 2: As Lyn and I were just about to climb the stairs heading to the office, a group of teachers were coming down. And..all of a sudden, one authoritative lady with an equally authoritative index finger stopped dead in the middle of her descending down. “Nak pegi mana ni?” (where are you going?) “Apa pasal awak berbaju tak senonoh ni? (why are you indecently dressed?)

Surprised, I looked behind me, to see who was the poor soul who got into this lady’s wrath so early in the morning? There was noone.

“Ha! Awak la!” (Yes! You!)

“Saya??” (Me?) There I was, a 38 year old lady dressed in a ladies slacks and a 3/4 sleeved white blouse, all in my fineries (short of not wearing my jacket) on the way to the office, was accused on indecently dressed? Was this lady blind?

The barrage of insults didnt stop there.

“Kalau student yang lain nampak awak macam ni, apa nanti diaorang fikir?!” (If other students see you like this, what would they think of you?) Authoritative finger still pointing at me, left hand at hips. Finger now pointing towards Lyn, “Ni apasal lambat? Awak ada masaalah ke? Apa nama?” (Why are you late? Do you have a problem? Whats your name?”. Lyn answered confidently that she was not well, and yes she was sorry she was a bit late and told her her name.

Next came the big blow…”Awak ke yang pelajar ada masaalah sosial dan masaalah dengan ibubapa tu?” (Are you the student with the social problems and who has problems with the parents?”) Man…this lady must be REALLY BLIND..and an idiot!

Moi…., wants to take this sHXX?? Infront of a bunch of other people AND my daughter? Err…hmm..

My turn now..I pulled the Headmistress to the side and gave her a lecture on social etiquette and the ways of Muslims towards other human being and it just went on from there till eternity……

I am no holly-molly person but I dont believe in embarassing anyone else infront of strangers. She wears tudong, I dont. But that didnt stop her from doing what she was doing. I think she has no tack and show no true “akhlak” (virtues) as a Headmistress, and as a Muslim lady. Infact I think she does not deserve to wear the tudong until she, herself observe her own akhlak. Noone in this world has the right to be a Moral Police.

Some friends who doesnt really know me think I am biased against teachers. Au contraire…my late father was a music teacher AND a Headmaster in the last few years of his postings in Fraser’s Hills. I am very proud of his achievement and I look up to him. No, I am a teacher’s daughter. There is no issue there. I also believe in disciplines but the above incidences make me think twice.