A Complete Student

The Education Ministry will want to make the extra-curricular activities a priority in schools as they think that participation of students have not reached the desired level.

Although this change of thought is very much welcomed by parents like me, I still hope that Datuk Seri Hishammuddin will open his eyes and realised that his Ministry should TRAIN the teachers first and change their mindset from being a 110% Hitler’s style full year academic achievement, to a more balanced perspective. Not that I am banging the private schools have a better and balanced activities but this is so true. Why cant the teachers (the Head Of School in particular) in most Government schools be more proactive in developing all these young minds? Instead of worrying what goes in “Keceriaan” programme which eats money from the students, why cant we stick to the basics?

I am at awe with what most of the teachers my daughter’s school goes to. Their mindlessness at developing curious minds have made the children to be anti-progress, cocooned, too accepting, and what is worse, no respect towards the teachers. I dont remember these happening when I was at school. My former teachers still command a high respect from me everything we bump into each other in the market.

Only 56% of students are involve in uniformed units. Why is this? I have personally seen some of the uniformed units’ teachers….they dont even believe in their OWN units. They delegate the responsibilities to senior students who in turn, actually need guidance themselves.

Parents can do as much at home to train and to teach their children. However the bulk of the school activities still remain at school. The Ministry should have a wake up call now TO CHANGE THE TEACHERS MINDSET first. Then, after much brainwashing, hopefully (fingers crossed) they found their wisdom and pass it on to the students.


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