Cats Galore


Ive decided to post our cats’ pixs here. Not so easy as most of them wont sit still. They keep on pushing and turning to their sides, just when I decided to click away. The above pix belongs to Baby. She loves nothing but to sleep on the porch when the sun just comes out in the morning. She would show her fluffy belly and gives you the sweetest look.

Furb This is Furby, our rojak coloured female cat. She saw Lyn walking from the pool and decided she wanted to keep her as her human, or so the story went. Lyn picked her up and bundled her in her towel and brought her home. I thought she has the loveliest eyes for a cat. But not long after, we realised that she didnt want anyone to touch her tail. The next day, we took her to the vet and found that part of her tail was crushed. We didnt realised it earlier as the tail was bushy and the blood were all encrusted around the crushed tail part.

It took her about 2 weeks to recover from an operation. The vet decided that Furby could keep her tail as it would be a sad thing if they decided to just cut it away as it was rotting quite badly.


Comel or Meme or Mama Meme Toyong is our very first cat. She joined our family more than 7 years ago as a kitten. And she grew up to be a fussy mama. She commands high respect from the other cats. They will let her have her biscuits first without anyone else interupting her meals. After when she’s done, then only the rest will eat.

Comel was picked up among kittens belonging to a stray mama cat which lived nearby our apartment (we have moved out from that place a couple of years ago). It was Lyn’s idea.

Anyways, nowadays Meme enjoys eating wet food as her teeth has started to fall and sun bathing on the porch just like any other pampered fussy mama puss would.

Mama PetiteSagarThis is Sagar 😉

Mama Petite together with her 2 kittens were rescued from a housing area. Her kittens, named Zoe and Sagar, were badly disfigured, courtesy of some evil people who poured hot water on their bodies and cut off both ends of their ears. Petite herself was badly scalded. We nursed them back to health and now Petite enjoys nothing more but to play in the garden. Zoe and Sagar had decided to view the world and left home.

Georgie GirlGeorgie Girl, the house’s super duper diva. Loves nothing but to groom herself on the porch, under the morning sun. Stares at you if you try to touch her super duper pretty tail.

SnuggleSnuggle aka Nuggle Nuggle aka the Sissy Boy. This jantan is nothing but pure manja. He sleeps on my pillow almost every night and enjoys a good snuggle when it rains.

MayokoMayoko, the truly lost child. She came meowing to our front door one cold, rainy evening and we gladly opened up our home and hearts to her. Truly blessed with gentle demeanor, Mayoko is not so lost anymore.


3 Replies to “Cats Galore”

  1. You are incredibly lucky to have sooo many beautiful cats. I absolutely adore cats and would love to own lots of them (rather have them own me), but my Siamese, who is my baby, is quite intolerant and aggressive.
    I also read your post on Socks. I am very sorry for your loss. Thanks for linking me!

  2. Nabiha, I have a few more but they just wont stay still for Kodak moments! Whats your Siamese’s name?

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