Is this escapism?

The thing about staying away from the other half is to deal with the loneliness. Now, I know there are so many gadzillions people out there who would say, “Hey, I am on my own too but I dont feel lonely”. That, wasnt my point. And I wasnt talking about anyone else but me.

Spending the entire day working is a great idea to bust the feeling. Adrenaline rush caused by impossible deadlines are great too, provided you dont have a history of heart attack, or something along the line. You tend to forget the word loneliness, because you’d be spending your ass off with people in meetings, and sometimes these people are not who you want to spend the afternoon with too. I am sure most of the time this feeling is mutual, especially if the meeting is on a Friday afternoon. Who would want to have a meeting on a Friday afternoon?? sheesh..

Shopping is a great way to avoid loneliness, at least to me. I enjoy looking at stuff, even in the pharmacy. Yes, I dont mind spending a couple days in Watson’s or Guardian Pharmacy but I really didnt have the time. So I would usually end up spending just an average of an hour there. Really.

Cleaning the house is a great alternative. This is my favourite past time. That is, after spending a couple of days in the superstore, admiring all the various cleaners and picking the best mops. Well, I was kidding. No way I could have done that but then again, I really didnt mind.

Another place that I would love to spend the time is in Ikea. Now, that is what I call A place……its got great eating place. Nice comfy sofas to try out, and all those comfy looking beds..with nice fluffy pillows. Those living room mock ups are great place. Its as if stepping in to somebody else’s living room and they dont mind you touching everything. Same goes into the mock up kitchens. Truly fantastic. I can open up this jarm twist that button, etc etc and all the time knowing it will annoy the crap of me if someone else is doing the same in my kitchen.

Reading. This is truly one of my great pastime. It used to be only harcovers and no less. But then, economically speaking, hardcover and paperbacks have prices as if between heaven and earth. So I am not so picky nowadays. Speaking of reading, this, will eventually lead to the supremest escapism.

And that is taking a nap.


2 Replies to “Is this escapism?”

  1. Well, I know what you meant when you said you still crave for companionship. Which I think, is the basis for all these loneliness. Its not so much of shopping or bar hopping or hours of napping but the human interaction. When we say to our companion, ” The sun is so beautiful today.” It didnt “mean” that we are talking about the sun per se, but more of saying that we are here, and lets talk.

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