The murder of Nurin Jazlin

As a mother, I am very saddened with the recent kidnap-molested- murder of little Nurin Jazlin. My deepest condolence to the parents, Encik Jazimin and Puan Norazian.

In my mind, there is no greater fear in the world than losing a child, this way, like this. And pray to Allah, I will not want to face the same predicament and agony of waiting and searching for a lost child.

What has bec ome to the society, to mankind in the present times, goes beyond my simple comprehension. How could someone could become so sick in his mind to sexually molest a little girl with brinjal and cucumber and then, murder her.

Is this a product of sick genes? TV? Too much porn?

The morning I found out that my then 14 year old teenager went missing from home, I felt my world came crumbling down. The fact that I know that she, in her state of confusion, must also also be feeling scared to be out there alone,  somewhere in the city. 

I was trying to push the bad mental images that kept on popping in my head, and at the same time, systematically following her usual routes, calling her usual friends. At the same time, trying very hard how we had missed the clues. There were plenty of what-ifs scenarios on that day.


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