Post 23rd October 2007 – Picking Up The Pieces


27th October 2007, 1.00pm or thereabout, 146 Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL.

I am picking up the pieces of my life again after being with him for 24 years.  The last 17 years was blessed with a 16 year old daughter.

We agreed to be friends. He wished me all the best and that he hope I would find happiness again and a better life. He apologised for not taking me for any overseas holidays and that the last 24 years there never was any significant achievements.

I told him that I hope she was worth it.

And the next moment, he was gone.


Pre 23rd October 2007

These are great stuff. Ive loads of pixs to post up here in the blog but had always other things happening before I was able loading them up. For instance, there was the holiday pixs in Manukan Island. And more pixs in Kota Kinabalu just we had the pre opening of Chini Restaurant. Or when I flew for 2 1/2 hours from KL to KK because my poor husband was panicky he had contracted measels. It turned out to be he was allergy to the massage oil someone gave him.

I have adptly named this specific blog as “Pre 23rd October 2007” to indicate that there was some life activities before this date. It wasnt perfect but it was better than now.

Anyways, here they are, in random order.

p4210241.jpg This was taken when Lyn came visiting her daddy sometime mid of the year. Shes one independant kid and she will travel alone. p6040151.jpg Lyn and Renna pigging on wonderful seafood found at the Filipina Market. Notice the blurry pix as a hive of busy hands were tucking away on the grilled snapper, squids and prawns.

p4050007.jpg Squids cooked with young ginger and soya & oyster sauce. Cooked ala Chini Restaurant. p4050008.jpg Finely sliced young bamboo shoots cooked in masak asam tumis, a heavy concoction of dried chilli paste, ginger flower buds and daun kesom, cooked in sour tamarind sauce. Chini serves this for lunch. Heaven.

p1110004.jpg 11 January 2007. Rose and I were ready in flight towards Kota Kinabalu. And I couldnt wait to be on my semi retirement mode.

p1130030.jpg This was the lovely, lovely view taken from the bedroom window looking of our Marina apartment. We shifted out not soon after to Grace Ville, which was lovely too. We used to entertain friends when we stayed in Marina Court. 

 p1120025.jpg The kitchen in Grace Ville is much more equipped for small entertaining. I fell in love with the maisonette’s flooring and the set up.  p1120026.jpg The TV hall has nice curving windows. They were not dressed yet. This was taken the day we moved in the furniture.

img_0026.jpg Zain busy putting the final touch up to Chini before its soft launch. This was one of the most exciting phase in my life. After a lifelong dream of opening a restaurant, here was the chance to showcase my idea of great food, where people could come in, enjoy the best of Pahang and local food, surf the net and drink pure juices.

The Bad Monster Of “D”

Eid Mubarak is still around but somehow the festive mood has died down even on the day itself.

This is somehow the worst Eid Mubarak the family had gone through.

And the worst birthday for Lyn, her 16th birthday. My brain is just all jungled up together and could not compute a single thing what she was telling me about. Just yesterday, I somehow let my guard down on my emotion and A MONSTER roller coaster just swept me off. I started ransacking the store room where I kept all his love letters to me, all neatly folded and stacked in a white plastic bag. They were dated from way back in 1985. I took them down to the back of the small yard of the kitchen, a lighter in hand, all dazed up like some kind of a person hyped on caffein.

I slowly unfolded each and every sweet scented envelope, glanced through its contents, all the same time feeling the hot morning sun in my face. Crumpling each page, I started to light the papers, and in within seconds, I had a small bonfire and I kept on feeding the fire with more pages from the love letters. Blue coloured papers. White coloured ones. Little cute Garfield cards, all ticked at the right boxes. Valentine cards. Burning slowly.

And I saw my life of past 24 years with this man flashing in front of my eyes.

All these seemed like a final journey. An affirmation that the relationship is over.

That the central pillar of my life is gone.

That my life is over.

Or, has it just started?

What Is Your Verdict, My Husband?

Well, here are some pictures I would like to share with those who care to read my blog.


  Sleeping in my bed..


…………….Coming to my restaurant, and chances are, eating my food too.


This girl was in my bed, in MY house back in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Looks like the towels are mine too. I hope my husband didnt forget to send the beedsheets and the towels for cleaning and, better still to clorox all of the items. Not sure what sort of germs left behind. (I am pondering whether to discard my clothes too in the wardrobe just in case….hmmmmm)

One thing I must comment is, my husband does have good taste. 😉 She has nice hair. Oh, heres a new pix of her new hair.


(posing in the TV room in my house, how cosy…)

And, her name is Emily.


Post Eid Mubarak

The ordely chaotic of sort activities preparing for Eid Mubarak has somewhat died down after 3 days. It is Monday today and things seem to go back to normal albeit the fact that people here will celebrate the Eid Mubarak for a whole long month. Since the holiday fell on last Saturday, all offices have taken today as the substitute thus rendering it useless to do other non-holiday stuff.

I reflected what had I done since saturday. To be perfectly honest, nothing. We didnt go back to Raub, Pahang as initially planned as most of the cousins have gone back to either their inlaws’ houses or have just decided to go somewhere else for the holidays. This means I will have to make up my annual pilgrimage to dad’s grave some other time.

Just another day on the eve of Eid Mubarak

Its 11.13pm on 12 october 2007 and here I am clattering away in Starbucks Uptown, whiling away waiting for Lyn to finish off her part time work nearby. And, she had decided to choose, tonite, this evening, eve of Eid Mubarak, to do this, as her first official evening there.

The blackboard across the outlet says, ” Let me invigorate your mood with a greentea frappucino”. But I wanted something hot and so I ordered Green Tea Latte. I thought it tasted well…green tea with a strong vanilla on the palette. I like it. I have to. It cost me almost RM13.00 for a tall.

Its raining heavily outside and I think its going to be another wet day tomorrow.

Ive been thinking for the past few days – the meaning of Eid Mubarak to many people. I guess, one to each own. However, I remember clearly that when I was young (and that was aeons ago) Eid Mubarak was a day I looked forward too and it was usually filled with much happiness and care-free in some sense, visiting the aunts and uncles houses, and of course, the green packets…

But this nostalgic feeling will be just that, nostalgic. It doesnt really bring any happiness anymore as I grow older. Maybe this is because, since my dad passed away, the balik kampung has not been the same anymore.

The central point of each and every Hari Raya in Kuala Lumpur would be my mom in law’s house. I love the camaraderie of the Hari Raya. All the in laws would gather at her house and this is the great time to catch up on news from each and everyone of them. I also love the solemness of each Hari Raya morning where I would salam my husband and as for his forgiveness before he leaves for the morning prayers.

Lyn has decided she wanted a purple chiffon kebaya paired with a matching coloured batik sarung. I will post again with pixs of her.


Once in a while I have this gremlins in me to just play around a little bit with scammers who write to my in-box and clotted it with junks. There are so many of these and God knows what were thinking? Do they really think people are a bunch of freakin idiots who couldnt differentiate between a genuine enquiry and well…a scam? Just recently I opened up my company email in box and found from someone claiming to be a Specialist Consultant in a consultancy company, based in London , no less.

He wrote that he had received a proposal from a client and this would, eventually will lead them to secure a business partner in my country. Total amount of money to be moved to my account would be Ten Million Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars!

Now…Ive been thinking. I have been in my kind of business for 8 years and never before in my life that Ive seen this amount of money neither have I actually counted them passing my hands.

Below, Ive posted the email in its entirety, with my reply. However, after his second reply, I could not, for the life of me, play any longer. The fun was too much for me to bear alone! wrote:

Tele: +447031845387
Address: 43 Chapel Street.
Peters Field. London

The above is my details and profile, I am a specialist consultant with AL-SADIK
CONSULTANTS. Just recently we received a proposal from one of our clients
here to secure a reputable foreign partner in your country to help them move
a certain amount of money into your company’s account. I am writing therefore
to offer your assistance in the transfer if this money valued at Ten Million
Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars into your bank account which they have proposed
to invest into your company as a joint venture business.
They are willing to work on your terms and conditions.If you are interested,
kindly get in touch with me, or you can as well contact the Executor of this
project Dr. GRION GEONAH via: for verifications
and not forgetting to inform him that you are from me.
Best Regards,

In return, and totally excited over the prospect of investing such huge amount of money, I wrote back…

(my name)  
to mahsadik2006

show details

 Oct 6 (2 days ago) 
I want to invest this money in a factory that produces condoms with chilli and curry flavour. As a consultant, what do you think?

And, he promptly replied……………

Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2007 15:28:03 +0100 (BST)
From: Send an Instant Message “MOHAMMED AL-SADIK” <>  Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book  Add Mobile Alert
Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more
Subject: Re: Contact the project executor

Attention:(my name)
We have received your email through our company email account and your idea of investing into a factory that produces condoms is good,  before we contacted you we scrutinzed your profile and we hope that you will not do any thing that will bring shame to this firm.Also our client suggested that the funds should be invested into the following projects (1).Trading Industry.(2). Manufacturing Industry.(3). Transportation.(4). Real Estate.

Note we are Consultants agent here in London also as we have intially notified you that we received a proposal from one of our clients here to secure a reputable foreign partner in your country to help them move a certain amount of money valued at Ten Million Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars into your bank account which he have proposed to invest into your company as a joint venture business, regarding your email  you are advised to contact the Executor of this project  immediately via his contact stated below.
Finally, I must let you know that my client is ready to work with you since he urged to exterblish his project in Malaysia, kindly get in touch with DR. GRION GEONAH upon the receipt of this email , he is in better position to give you every information you need for this transaction.
Yours Faithfully,
Mohamed Al-Sadik