Pre 23rd October 2007

These are great stuff. Ive loads of pixs to post up here in the blog but had always other things happening before I was able loading them up. For instance, there was the holiday pixs in Manukan Island. And more pixs in Kota Kinabalu just we had the pre opening of Chini Restaurant. Or when I flew for 2 1/2 hours from KL to KK because my poor husband was panicky he had contracted measels. It turned out to be he was allergy to the massage oil someone gave him.

I have adptly named this specific blog as “Pre 23rd October 2007” to indicate that there was some life activities before this date. It wasnt perfect but it was better than now.

Anyways, here they are, in random order.

p4210241.jpg This was taken when Lyn came visiting her daddy sometime mid of the year. Shes one independant kid and she will travel alone. p6040151.jpg Lyn and Renna pigging on wonderful seafood found at the Filipina Market. Notice the blurry pix as a hive of busy hands were tucking away on the grilled snapper, squids and prawns.

p4050007.jpg Squids cooked with young ginger and soya & oyster sauce. Cooked ala Chini Restaurant. p4050008.jpg Finely sliced young bamboo shoots cooked in masak asam tumis, a heavy concoction of dried chilli paste, ginger flower buds and daun kesom, cooked in sour tamarind sauce. Chini serves this for lunch. Heaven.

p1110004.jpg 11 January 2007. Rose and I were ready in flight towards Kota Kinabalu. And I couldnt wait to be on my semi retirement mode.

p1130030.jpg This was the lovely, lovely view taken from the bedroom window looking of our Marina apartment. We shifted out not soon after to Grace Ville, which was lovely too. We used to entertain friends when we stayed in Marina Court. 

 p1120025.jpg The kitchen in Grace Ville is much more equipped for small entertaining. I fell in love with the maisonette’s flooring and the set up.  p1120026.jpg The TV hall has nice curving windows. They were not dressed yet. This was taken the day we moved in the furniture.

img_0026.jpg Zain busy putting the final touch up to Chini before its soft launch. This was one of the most exciting phase in my life. After a lifelong dream of opening a restaurant, here was the chance to showcase my idea of great food, where people could come in, enjoy the best of Pahang and local food, surf the net and drink pure juices.


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