My Herb Garden (still, a post 23 October 2007 entry)

tumeric.jpgI love putting up herb garden. When we were still living in Saujana, the backyard was chocked-full with a mish-mash of ulams and other herbs that I regularly pluck for cooking or garnishing. The walkway to the back gate was lined with 2 rows of serai (lemongrass). I trim them on a regular basis so that they look like bunches of upside down brooms. They look neater too.

There were also clusters of cekur (K. Galanga) that had grown from a small bunch and they just started to grow rapidly all over the backyard. The big broad leaves were usually used for my nasi ulam, or just as simple ulam eaten with hot steamed rice and fried salted fish. Clusters of tumeric and galangal plants grew healthily side by side. The beautiful, awsome Torch Ginger plant sat nicely at the corner. Other ulam plants such as Ulam Raja (C. Caudatus), pokok daun kari (M. Koeniggi) and the papaya trees grew in abundance. It gets pretty exciting knowing that I could always go to the back yard and simply trim off my favourite ulams fresh. Lyn even managed to plant 2 Thai longan trees with success too! They grew so well, maybe about 3 feet when we had to shift house. We digged those saplings but they died at the new house. Pity.

When we shifted to the present house, I didnt have much time to do all these herb gardening, which was sad. So, recently, I have started again to make use of the small plot of land at the back. For a start, I have chosen some simple, easy to grow plants, and hopefully towards December, I would have my old healthy plot of mish-mash herb garden again.

These are the current herbs.




2 Replies to “My Herb Garden (still, a post 23 October 2007 entry)”

  1. hi, i’m intereested to get to know other herb enthusiasts in Malaysia. Especially those who are into gardening.

  2. Hi Ivy! Thanks for dropping by. Im not too sure about the other hobbyist in the herb gardening but Im sure we could try to find out. Where are you from? And any particular reason in the interest?

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