Tests To Determine Mr Right?

My new-found fellow blogger, John has written a very interesting and heart enlightening on a topic that calls for some serious thinking. He devised six tests in the hope that women will dwell further beyond those peachy and rosy romantic dinners and stuff, before doing further damage to one’s heart.

You can read the piece in its entirety here:


I am oh so tempted to add on another longer list of tests that these men should go through. So, after much pondering, here they are: (hehehe…)

Bedroom tests

Bedroom test 1: Does he snore? (if he does, are you comfortable with the decibels? Remember girls, you need your beauty sleep so that you can look good the next day)

Bedroom test 2: Does he hog the entire bed when he sleep? (reflects his need to dominate the relationship? Still, you need your beauty sleep and sleeping in the guest room next door is out of the question as it doesnt have your fav bedsheets)

Bedroom test 3: Does he wash his hands after going to the loo?

Bedroom test 4: Are you comfortable with his tools? (girls, think before say, “oh it doesnt really matter”. It DOES matter if hes not using his brain a lot.)

Kitchen tests

Kitchen test 1: Does he ever help you washing his dishes? (yeah….kinda caught you offguard with this one huh?)

Kitchen test 2: Does he know where the sugar is? (now, this, girls, its you who should start looking at yourself. You cannot be a superwoman and do everything for him.)

I guess I must ponder further at this juncture and add more later. My teenager is waiting at the door.


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