Lazy Sunday Brunch

I am hooked on anything tomatoes for past few weeks. Tomato soup. Tomato salad. I even add ketchup in my ayam Maggie Mee! Go figure.

I figured if I had piled on eveything I like on one big plate of salad, it would make the best salad in the entire world. It has got to have tomatoes (of course), some garden greens. I am spoilt for choice with the dressing. Should I go with French, Italian, Caeser or Thousand Island? I like to add some sort of meat into my salad as well. Choices are varied. It could well be smoked salmon, tuna or chicken.

Yesterday, I fashioned one big plate of garden greens salad, heaped 2 well chilled, neatly sliced Holland Tomatoes , and the piece de resistance were these big slices of Teriyaki Roasted Chicken Breast. I snapped a few pictures to be unloaded here in the blog but my card reader was playing tricks and……………all the pictures were gone. Thats right. They just disappeared.

I woke up this morning, with a vengeance, more salad today for brunch. But no Teriyaki Roasted Chicken. How?

Remembered I bought a packet of chicken luncheon a few days ago and decided to ease my meat craving using that in the salad Im going to fashion today.

Basic ingredients that went in today were:

  • 2 well chilled Holland Tomatoes (I like mine a little unripened), sliced
  • 1 head, Romaine lettuce, chilled – shredded into bite sizes
  • 1 egg – coddled
  • Chicken luncheon – sliced (and in this case, I had mine about 150gm of Ayamadu’s Chicken Luncheon)

Topped with my favourite Kraft’s Thousand Island, I was one happy woman tucking away on the salad while watching the morning news.

So, heres the result! By the way, the Thousand Island won today to Caeser’s.



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