Looking For Love

This is me thinking out loud, on the eve of new year. Reflecting back, I sometimes wonder whether is there such thing as looking for your true love? Your soul provider, soul mates, your other half. Do you look nearer to you or can you look further across the continents? Or are you just playing with fire, … Continue reading Looking For Love

A Note From My Daughter

I was sorting some stuff in the bedroom last night. Various books written by Donald, foodie magazines, day old newspapers. Snuggled between Lillian Too’s Fortune & Feng Shui 2007 Rooster and Rose Tremain’s Restoration, I found a home-made card by Lyn for last Mother’s Day. She has always been the creative bit of the family, … Continue reading A Note From My Daughter


Bhutto Assasinated In Attack On Rally I remember a few years ago, Ahmad used to work as a Cook at my mother’s place. Ahmad was great at churning out the best bryani, roti chanai and fish curries. He was an expert in roasting the whole lamb for the many dinners my mother hosted. He served tea … Continue reading Fanatic