Kuala Lumpur At Midnight – Part 2

According to the latest MMD‘s (Malaysian Meteorological Department) report, looks like KL-lites must brace themselves for more wet days to come.

It also says that starting from today, Tuesday 11/12/2007 to tomorrow, Wednesday 12/12/2007 there will be rain throughout the day, thunderstorms in the afternoon and night from Thursday, 13/12/2007 to Monday, 17/12/2007.

Uhoh..there goes my afternoon run.

 The MMD’s website also highlighted the minor earthquake in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang which happened on 9 December 2007. This triggers my memory of the major landslide incident at the same place way back in 1999.

Latest Earthquake 09 December 2007

A weak earthquake has occurred with magnitude 3.5 on Richter scale in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang at 8.55 pm on 09 December 2007. The earthquake epicenter is located at  3.4 north latitude and 101.8 east longitude


Lyn and I were in the city centre late last night. The weather wasnt very friendly either. Drove through Jalan Raja Laut and took a turn to Jalan  Sultan Ismail.




Jalan Sultan Ismail facing towards Tune Hotel.





Jalan Raja Laut.


Had to stop by near the komuter line as Lyn needed a comfort break at the DBKL’s latest, spanking new public toilet (more post on that soon).


Then, we drove back to Uptown and had teh tarik.




Uptown Hawkers’ Centre


Who says driving in KL is not fun?


3 Replies to “Kuala Lumpur At Midnight – Part 2”

  1. We had terrible weather both in Paris last week and this weekend at home – it seems that everywhere seems to be having more extreme weather these days. Incredible pictures of the rain.

  2. Thanks Nicola and glad you found me here! I followed your Paris post too. We dont get much change of season here – its either wet or dry.

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