Kuala Lumpur At Midnight – Part 3

Supper last night was at Uptown. Delicious. We had lime & chili steamed garoupa, quick fry mix veges, onion omelette, diced chicken cooked with ginger and soya sauce. And of course, steamed white rice. Downed with plenty of ice lemon tea. Bill came to RM28.00 (about USD7.00) for three persons.


 After the obligatory teh tarik and the idle chit chat with Nor the stall owner, we decided to take a spin around Damansara Utama and The Curve area.


NKVE Highway leading out towards One Utama Shopping Centre and The Curve. The evening was cool and no hint of rain at all.  Even the moon took a quick peek out and looked more like a smile of the Cheshire cat in Alice In Wonderland. The road was pretty empty save for a few Mat Rempits doing the wheelies.


The front lawn of the Royale Bintang Hotel in The Curve was litted up. Lovely lights.


Ikea on the right. My favourite place to be. Mmmmm….


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