What People Searched (and landed on my page…)


kuala lumpur sex travels forum


Kuala lumpur sex forum
sex kuala lumpur


sex life in kuala Lumpur
my husband the sex tourist

Now, look at the 19 December 07 search. Looks like someone’s wife is looking for her husband and she knows that he’s not telling why the multiple entries in his passport looks suspicious……… Herrmmm…..

On the subsequent days, looks like some sod pops out of nowhere and looked for some “leads” to have his fix, maybe to sample some local wares? Well, bro, I can easily tell you where the places are  (that would be RM500.00 please, thank you. I accept Paypal too) . But  I can assure you that most of these places doesnt have too many locals as they had to take one step back to make way for the influx of China Dolls and the oh-so-gorgeous Uzbeks.



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