It’s Time

2007 will be over in just a few more days and 2008 will make its way.

How time flies and awaits for noone. Babies are born and people will pass on, children will grow and adults will love, get married maybe, or keep on going in search of that one true soul partner. Some found theirs and some dont. A few maybe just resigned to the fact that they will be on their own till the day they die, just as how they were born.

This year has been a mixture of both ups and downs for me, and the family, whichever angle you may choose to look at it. The emotional roller coaster has come down and seems quite stable for sometime now, which is good. Down because I see how my life of so many years fling-ed passed my eyes after being married for 17 years. It gives me time to reflect what sort of life I had, baggages I carried, and still carry, and trying to embrace all these changes with an open mind. It has also given me a good jolt that we cant take life nor love for granted, as these cant be demanded as if they were rightfully ours from the minute we enter into this world. On the same level, I also learn than sometimes opportunities come knocking down at the least places you looked. New friends are made and some of the old ones give me some food for thoughts about real friendships. Some are renewed and some…well…they just withered away….

The good side is, all these experiences has given me strength that I thought I never had, and I hope that my former other half has found his as well.

2008 will see me lined up two new main projects that may see me pushing my own boundaries and entering into new areas that I only dared to venture so fleetingly only in my mind before. I am keeping mum on the first one as it is still in its infancy of conceptualisation but I dare say that the second one has gotten me into an extra frenzy not to get overboard in self promoting!

I am finally realising my dream to open up a retail chain of smart casual street wear under the brand Cats. Inspired by my previous works with the youth, and of course my own daughter who has this eclectic sense of fashion, I have conceptualised a brand new, home brand label and this concept has been brought to life and crystalised by a young local designer. So, keep on checking back for work in progress and grand opening!

Retail line has been high on my list since I discovered my knack in the business world. The first venture in retail world was way back in the late 80’s when I opened up a batik-inspired beachwear boutique in Kuantan, Pahang. For an 18 year old, it was heaven. The designs and concepts changed every 4 months, from bright fuschia pareos to azure coloured bikinis followed by the mythical dragon ripped t shirts hand-sewn with beads and sequins. The pieces were grabbed by all the myriads of tourists who make a beeline from the nearby Hyatt, Merlin and other resorts. I was living a high life back then.

Health. I hope and wish that my health and my daughter’s will be better than ever before. We were plagued by so many weird illness this year, contributed by stress, no less.

So, here I am saying goodbye to 2007 that was filled with laughter, happiness, tears, madness, enlightenment; and for 2008 I welcome it with renewed strength, hopes and wishes.

Happy holidays everyone.


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