3 thoughts on “Fanatic”

  1. It’s a waste of time and energy Hanie to argue with someone such as Ahmed, although we all argue at times. I can’t understand why a religion would culture such thoughts especially about women, The very people who brought us into this world. Here in Jamaica we are going through our own kind of extremism what with the senseless killing of people by gun men. Thankfully, here in Jamaica it is a proud moment when a woman works for herself and is the head of her own “Empire”. Our culture is not steeped in the preachings of Islam although there is a very small “arm” of it here. God help us if our criminals decide to adopt the same practices that caused the death of Benazir Bhutto.

    Keep on doing what you believe in, Help who you can. Guide by example and leave the rest to god (or whatever you call him). Only he has the last word, no matter what religion.

  2. Mikey! Thanks for making your way to my place here and I hope that you would come back often. I dont believe its the religion that taught him that though, its his intepretation. And we must remember that most of the time in Asia its the culture and tradition that dictates ways of lives, and if infused that with fanatical intepretation of religious doctrine (whatever religion it is), you will have a lethal dose of something bigger than an atomic bomb.

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