Cuts Both Ways

It cuts both ways Our love is like knife That cuts both ways Its driven deep into my heart each time That I realize How it cuts both ways Cant be together Cannot live apart We’re heading straight into a broken heart But I cant stop Cause I feel too much to let you go … Continue reading Cuts Both Ways

Malay Mentality, Or What?

I chose “what”. Not quite sure about the Malay mentality though. I am talking about all the dimwitted advisors that seems to surround you when you and your ex are trying to make some coherent, sane, balanced, informed and mutual decisions in a divorce. Either way, most of them seems to be some stupid stuff: most likely to come from … Continue reading Malay Mentality, Or What?

Healing The Wound

Sometimes you feel that the heavens will fall down on your shoulders and the earth seems to open up and swallow your whole being. This is when you will know who your true friends are. I realised when one is undergoing a major crisis in her life, everything seems to go wrong. The car seems … Continue reading Healing The Wound