Going To A War

I read somewhere that house shifting has the equivalent of stress level with divorce and death. Imagine that.

Yeap, thats right, I shall be house moving in not too far days ahead. There are boxes and boxes of stuff in each room at house at the moment as I type this away in a nearby local bistro, trying desperately to block the awful thought of going back home and having to see all those things. The coffee cup had been refilled 4 times and I think I wil manage to get OD-ed with cafein within the next hour or so.

It is like going to a war, complete with a battle plan. The list is endless and I am going bonkers and yet trying so hard to keep it under control. So far I think I have managed to settle the packing bits to under control. Next would be to write to the various banks, cable company, telephone provider, reward cards provider etc etc ..on the new mailing address. That, I suppose may take a while and come at the bottom list so it is still not in red alert zone.

After living in the present house close to 2 years, I didnt realised that there were many small things that I have hoarded. There are those little vanity hotel room supplies accummulated during my extensive travels some time back. I really dont know what to do with those stuff. Clothes..they are filled to the max in the 6-door wardrobe. I have packed away most of them and only leaving the essentials for days to come, and yet, somehow, they still look a lot..hmm…

The items in the kitchen are still unpacked and I think I am reserving this for the weekend. The cats’ cages have been cleaned and ready to go with its owners.

I think I need another round of coffee and roti bakar.

All these thoughts of house shifting make me hungry. More posts in the new few days on this exciting new phase in my life.


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