More Pet Peeves And Life’s Little Pleasures

Since joting down a list of my pet peeves the other day, I realised I do have more of them. It is pretty weird how certain things would just nag at the back of your head and wont let you go..However, certain things in life do make up for all these let-downs and I call it – balancing out. In life, I found out, everything comes in pairs – good and bad, woman and man, sunrise and sunset, black and white, hot and cold, big and small, pleasure and pain..

Here are more stuff to digest:

  1. I like stuff that challenge my ability to think creatively
  2. I strive on compliments
  3. I strive on challenges and love the adrenaline rush
  4. Food always brings about some memories – first date, my daughter..stuff like that. 
  5. Never fond of smokers as I think they invade my personal space. But living in this world left me with not much choice but to have a certain level of tolerance, and this is fine with me.
  6. Never fond of people who thinks highly of themselves, the do-no-wrong kind of attitude. I am generally a nice person but this kind of bunch makes me upset.
  7. Bad service in upmarket restaurants. Bad. Bad. Bad. Here I am paying RM50 for your piece of steak and I still have to waive and waive for your waiting staff to refill my water. I said, “Warm water please”. The glass came back with ice water…WTF?
  8. Here I am paying RM50 for your piece of steak and the platter is chipped, the cutleries are arranged wrongly and I can see finger prints on your glass..
  9. Queue jumpers. Boy….this should be placed high among the highest stressful event that I need to keep my sanity checked. Doesnt mean you are holding one bloody piece of item give you the right to jump to the front! I have been known to pull a lady’s cart back to the end of the line, gave her a piece of my mind AND went back to the cashier for being a mute and not telling the lady shes jumping queue THEN went back home and wrote to the particular Management of the hypermarket offering them discounted Customer Service Training modules.
  10. I did the same to a 5 star hotel in Malacca.
  11. And another in Johor Bahru…
  12. …and a few more in Kuala Lumpur..
  13. I am not good at keeping choiced words to myself when pissed off in being badly treated in a hospitality environment. The word itself explains it all…..hospitality industry…..
  14. Sales Personnel who looks at me up and down as if I cant buy anything off from the rack (reminds me of Pretty Woman)
  15. I love airplanes and airports. Ive heard horror stories from fellow travellers and yet still do not deter me from enjoying the sights and sounds in airplanes and airports. With an exception to stepping in LCT which has all the annoying smell that insults all my senses..I really dont mind airports. KLIA I think offers one of the best airport experiences Ive ever had especially in the Satellite Building.
  16. Hotel rooms..simply love to bunk in a hotel room. The bed seems softer, the pillows seems fluffier. And look at those vanity supplies in the bathroom!

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