Healing The Wound

Sometimes you feel that the heavens will fall down on your shoulders and the earth seems to open up and swallow your whole being. This is when you will know who your true friends are. I realised when one is undergoing a major crisis in her life, everything seems to go wrong. The car seems to breakdown at rush hour, the electricity bill seems higher, kids get sick, you get sick in the middle of the night, the Banker forgot to tell you certain charges on your loan application and the Landlord decides to sell the house youve been staying for so long.

You feel so screwed you thought you’d going to drop dead and noone will know.

But somehow I do believe things eventually will work and The Power works in such mysterious ways. In weird ways, true friends will suddenly appear and offer assistance in all sorts of ways – job offers, financial assistance, business opportunities, and most of all, moral support. Suddenly things are looking brighter and more promising.

I could never thank enough all of them who have given their support in so many ways and in no way I could ever repay their kindness except with gratitude. I found that strangers could become friends, some old friendships are reinforced and relatives rediscovered.

I have told my daughter once that life is like a scar. It was painful when you first got the cut. It  was raw and bleeding, but somehow with time it will heal. When it heals, the scar would still be there but you will always remember when and how you first got it.

This is what I am doing right now. Nursing my wound and waiting for it to heal. I am not quite sure for how long but I know it will always be there to serve as a reminder what my life is all about.


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