Malay Mentality, Or What?

4 thoughts on “Malay Mentality, Or What?”

  1. Although i’m no authority on divorce, I feel it is safe to say that the same mentality afflicts many Jamaicans also. Rest assured that it’s not only Malayans who have that problem.

  2. Mikey, divorce issues have always been tricky. But I dont understand why we should be squabbling like 2 year old in the family court.

  3. Welcome to my blog, miky. Thanks for the comment too. You asked me, why AM I married? (since your question was put in present tense…). Because I love my husband and he is a good man. He takes care of the family and treats me right and respectfully. A true fresh breath of air in a man.

    Blame the world for my stupid life? Tsskkk! tssskkkk! Now, now be nice. How can you be judgmental when you dont even know me? Have we met? I didnt blame anyone or anything for my life (I omitted the stupid word because it didnt exist) but was merely pointing out several realities in life.

    BTW, derian kat Perak banyak ke tahun ni, bang? Apasal pakai nama mat saleh? Ngape tak pakai nama sendiri?

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