You Doing A Little Snoopping?

3 thoughts on “You Doing A Little Snoopping?”

  1. I also find the search criteria fascinating. It’s interesting to see what search terms people use to get to my blogs. Actually, someone found my Ask Anita blog because of a link on yours! So, thank you for including me in your blogroll!

  2. Hanie–It always interests me too. I wonder what the world inspires someone to search my name. SPOOKIE! BTW…adding you to my blog love to…Stay you! Love ya that way!~~Dee

  3. Anita: you are most welcome! I do enjoy your interesting posts and could identify a few to my own as well !

    Dee: yeah, I wonder too. But then there are so many theories. A friend even suggested that it was one of my abandoned lovers. Yeah! Right!

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