How To End A Relationship

5 thoughts on “How To End A Relationship”

  1. Brilliant How To. Or should I have say, how not to?

    I take it the John Gray book was useful.

    One of our rugby team recently got a text (sms) message that said “consider urself dumpd” followed by a couple of expletives.
    No, not nice at all!

    Isn’t it better however, to cut the dangling rope rather than keep the pretense going?

  2. Winslie: I posted this to serve as an inspiration to those who have the thought of being a dumper. There are ways to break a relationship but not necessarily being an ass, so to speak. Sorry to hear about your rugby team member. But knowing now that you will not end up with a person who does not respect one’s feelings like that, can be a blessing.

  3. Hi Hanie,

    Very interesting article. Call me old fashioned, but what happened to a phone call
    or meeting in person for a cup of coffee.
    Anyway, seems like there are too many options
    for communications not all of which are personal.

    I have a single parent blog and would love to exchange blogroll links with you. My site is
    Please email me at
    Would love to hear from you and good luck with
    those broken discs!

    Many Thanks


  4. Hey George, thanks for dropping by! The pain at the back is still there but medication and several good dose of hot packs help.

    Phone calls, George, as you are aware, have been replaced with text messenging and IMs. I really dont mind sms-es but hate it when it is turned to be a tool for those who are chicken enough to own up to their own actions.

    Ive added you to my blogroll. 😉

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