It’s A Real Pain Back There

A few years back I had the misfortune of having slipped discs on my 5th and 6th lumbar. No funny business having this, that as much as I can tell you. Not counting the hospital bills (thank God it was covered by the insurance), months of therapy and the countless painful days when the pain was so unbearable that I thought I had grown pins in my body and legs. That was when all those colourful words would usually come out whenever I tried getting up from the sofa.

I also read that the second most frequent prolapsed lumbar disc happen between 8th and 7th as well as 5th and 6th cervical vertebra.


Fast forward to nearly two months back when I was shifting house. From a sprawling double terrace house to a modestly sized condo on the second floor, carrying something heavier than my laptop was tough. But, that was what I did. A few days after the actual move, I went back to the old house to gather the few odds and ends of boxes. Didnt expected them to be heavy… there I was, lugging all these boxes all the way up.

And expectedly, the pain re occured. Yeah…smart me.

So, looks like theres no regular run for me, at least not for new few weeks. And also no gymnastic manouevering in the love scene. Hey, wait, what love scene?


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