Poly Life

One thought on “Poly Life”

  1. Interesting topic- threesomes (or how many somes)- as I usually say, spare me the details…yes, Along, you know my favourite phrase! But for a wife or husband wanting (with consent) to experience pleasure with another person, it should be thoroughly discuss as with the rampant of AIDS and etc… and other further complications to the relationship. For details of readers out there, maybe you guys should see the series ‘Friends’ where the character Ross has sex with his wife and another woman and his wife decides that she is a lesbian.

    Perhaps all of this occurrences are due to the pressures of life, or non-existance of it. Perhaps it’s due to the low self-esteem that one experiences with his/her partner and the need for security is overwhelming.

    I cannot say for myself as I am still single & unmarried, but that does not stop me from admiring those gorgeous looking fellows =). But all I can say for those who love their spouses/ bfs/ gfs/ whatever… just examine what really triggered the thought in the first place and reflect that life is all not about what happens in the room- sorry if I sound like Dr Phill.

    Anyways, singles, widows, widowers, divorcees, etc… just be real and do your thing. Whatever makes you happy.


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