The X Communication

Whether you like it or not, youve got to admit it, no matter what you do, no matter where you go, no matter how you go about, as long as you have children in tow after a divorce, you still need to communicate with your ex.

It may not be so pleasant conversation about monthly maintenance or asking him about the insurance policy, even updating your kid’s exam results via the email.

It is like maintaining two separate household (it is) but with a certain focus that seems weird because a few things are still tied together. For instance mobile phone bills, priviledge cards, insurance, banking stuff, checking books… that used to be under joint accounts.

I know there are certain ex’s who are good at maintaining a relationship and they sometime even become great friends thereafter. I am envious of those who are like this. Sure, the communication with the ex has been somewhat okay, civilised even but thats it. I will not even want to go further than that description.


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