The Dreaded Cold Bug

The symphtoms were all there – headaches, sneezing, blocked nose and general crankiness. Yeap, the cold bug has finally landed in me and boy, do I hate this. Oh, did I also mention that I talk in my sleep whenever I am down with fever. I hope The Teenager doesnt read this or she would … Continue reading The Dreaded Cold Bug

Massacre In China

Looks like the China officials are preening the city for the upcoming Olympics. I am surprised at the lack of publicity in the mass media over this massacre. Could it be that these people think the lives of animals are worthless that they do not deserve a mention in any of the newspapers? The internet … Continue reading Massacre In China

The Malays

I have a foreign friend who has been residing in Malaysia for the past 20 odd years. Each time we spoke, we would talk about the local culture and racial issues which are perversely still felt in so many ways in the society in Malaysia. In specific, the Malays. I began to wonder how can … Continue reading The Malays

The Heart Attack

My ex husband had a heart attack at about 2.30am last Thursday morning and is now being stabilised in ICU and waiting for a proper date for angio. Not a fantastic sign considering that he just celebrated his 44th birthday early April 2008. Lyn promptly flew in the next day together with his side of … Continue reading The Heart Attack