The Malays

I have a foreign friend who has been residing in Malaysia for the past 20 odd years. Each time we spoke, we would talk about the local culture and racial issues which are perversely still felt in so many ways in the society in Malaysia. In specific, the Malays.

I began to wonder how can this be so badly reflected to a foreigner when all these time I felt that enough efforts were being made to show racial tolerance are thriving in this country. Has the Malay culture deteoriates so badly for the past decades that it doesnt carry so much values anymore? At one point of time, I brought him around to meet some Malay friends so that he can see that not all values are lost with the progression of the modern world. The circle of friends I have are varied but this particular few are forward thinking and yet still retaining that Malay values and culture, and thats exactly what I wanted to share with him.

So where does the current Malay society gone wrong in building up their reputation? You see the majority of the Mat Rempits doing wheelies along Jalan Parlimen on Saturday nights are Malay youth. The police who drag a group of drug addicts down from their Black Maria to the court house are mostly Malays. Wife beaters who made headlines in the local newspapers are Malays. The child abuser couple that was being sentenced are Malay couples. The Businessman who appeared in court for CBT is a Malay guy who came back from the Haj.

I dont blame him for seeing all the negativity of the current Malay society, because they surround him whereever he goes.

I hope that in time, he will be able to see that there are good progression in the Malays which will not made any bad headlines as being the non-progressive society of Malaysia.

In good time.


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