All The Little Stupid Things

Sometimes all the little things in life make all the difference in a relationship. It doesnt have to be anything so major like…um..putting up a shed for the shoes and handbags, or expensive trips (though this could be nice..), or having an entire Lafite  of  Shangri-La Hotel culinary team cooking a storm for your dinner … Continue reading All The Little Stupid Things

The Non-Anniversary

18 years ago today marked the day when two young birds gotten hitched after 7 years of courting. The whole entire village were there to celebrate. Infact, it was the wedding of the year for the bride’s side. Never again, not until this coming October 2008, that there will be another wedding of that sort … Continue reading The Non-Anniversary

Dating Single Mom 101

My friend, Anita wrote a great piece about how single mom sometime have the hesitation to go out to date again and feels that they have to wait till the children grow up. Thats a bit tough when you have young kids. It feels as if its almost a life time to wait for your date! Most … Continue reading Dating Single Mom 101