Monday Blues

5 thoughts on “Monday Blues”

  1. I can sooo identify with the frustration of making cold calls. Not to mention dealing with those crazy HR people!

    “What about Telephone Techniques or Communication Skills?” Good one!

  2. Anita! Dont you know it?? LOL. We have a term for HR people – “seemore”. Why? They tend to collect all information and the more you submit them proposals the more they want to see, thus “seemore”. As much as a Malaysian that I am, I sometimes cant stand the Manglish that some Malaysians use…*sigh*

  3. “Why ar..?” CLASSIC!

    I guess I would go down to their levels if I needed to get the information through. No point speaking the Queen’s English.

    “Hello? This XYZ Company issit? You got people you want to improve their standard or not? Down here got lobang one. You send 3, we give you 1 free. How? Got chance?”

    Maybe … just maybe they’ll be hooked by the word ‘FREE’.

  4. BC: been there done that lor…cannot tahan meh. Ears got sick one. Heart also got sick.

  5. Hi there,

    I get plenty when I start asking, ” Hi, my name’s so and so…do you a Public Relations officer there?” or “…a Corporate Communications officer” or just simply “…someone who’s familiar with the media?”

    I do get directed immediately to the HR Manager thought, which is quite interesting to your situation.

    In any case, Monday Blues are definitely seeing red if you start the day with meeting with bitch callings and dear God, trying to sound as sweet as possible….

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