Online Dating Lesson

Saturday night and I am spending my few hours here in Starbucks Uptown sipping my latte. The network is not so reliable as it tends to drop at the oddest time. I am so so tempted to write to Berjaya who owns the franchise.

The Seafarer is still away in Frankfurt for the next couple of weeks and Lyn is jamming in a nearby a studio. Browsing through the net, I found an article and how to spot telltales of a married man when you start online dating. Written by Kelli Bailor, the facts presented hit me straight on the nose that it gave me goosebumps as I recall clearly my own experience peddling luke-warmly in this department. I have never thought online dating can be as succesful as it sounded.

A few fellow single mom and dad bloggers out there have also had their fare share of online dating but most would say the same thing- that its not really working.

Some of the spot-on in the articles says that a married man usually doesnt have their picture posted on the site incase someone might noticed them. This is definitely a no brainer but gullible women still fall into this trap. What about when your new date asked of your number but never offered theirs back? To make matter more interesting, even when you have their mobile number, you can never seem to be able to contact them and always had to resort to leaving messages.

Yes, get the pattern now?

Now, think back when was the last he actually took you around to meet and show off to his friends and family? If you have started to think that it was only you who had initiated this move, girl, think harder and if you have to, start asking for an answer.

It is better to know now than to know later when it is harder to lay off your cheating married man and you start compromising on your own values.



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