Jackass 101

Mexican donkey freed after acting like a jackass.

Blacky the Mexican Donkey was jailed for three days for biting and kicking two men at a ranch outside Tuxtla Gutierrez. The owner was was fined for $36 and an additional $115 hospital bills for the two victims.

I wonder what had Blacky learnt while staying behind the bars?

My mind rolled towards my purr-babies at home. They are real bunch of naughties and hyper during play time. Cutie The Blacky was known to dangle from the other end of the curtain towards the other end. Bubble and Princess have no problem what.so.ever to race through down the hall towards kitchen, knocking down dining chairs while doing that.

Comel was known to be protective over her litters by biting the ankle of my friend, Yati and pushing her towards the front door.

And Comel stayed there.

What if I lock them up in the cage for a few days for each “naughtiness” they do? What would the think, if they ever think at all? What lesson have they learnt while “behind the bars”?

Or, they might have said to me in meow language, “Mama, dont forget to change the sand for the poopoo, okay? Oh yeah, by the way, more fresh water please while you are at it?”

Yeah…my furr-babies..


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