Dating Single Mom 101

10 thoughts on “Dating Single Mom 101”

  1. I’ve been a single mother for a very long time and never dated.

    Sounds like you have it all together.

    Good Advice–Have a Great Day!


  2. Spunkylady: welcome to my place! So, how old are your children now? And why didnt you go out for dates? I found that the term “dates” can bring a lot of pressure when you go out so instead I call them “outings”. It definitely takes out all the expectations from a date and it becomes what it is – outings – where you can just enjoy the moment, food, drinks, the company and so forth.

  3. Anita, I was inspired by you no less 😉 Dating (outing) scenes as single moms are pretty tricky. I would love to hear from your own experiences as well.

  4. Hello Hanie. I found your site through a WordPress link through my WordPress blog as I posted the Rough Guide to Single Moms in my WordPress blog. Not all single men can handle dating a single moms. Perhaps single moms should go for single dads or men who have been a dad in the past and their children already grown up because of their experience.

    Your guide is interesting for dating single moms as I’ve dated single moms in the past. Anyways, you may post a comment if you wish at my blog at I wish all single moms well raising their kids on their own.


  5. Hey Jake, I dropped by at your place but promise to stay a bit longer and look around 😉 Actually, when I wrote this piece I was reflecting on my own little experiences dating “real” single men or single dads or men who have been a dad at one point of their lives. Unfortunately, I found that in majority of these men doesnt really reflect the fact that it CAN be tricky dating single moms eventhough they are single dads themselves. One guy who is a single dad with 3 children – 2 in the 20s and one late teenage – got upset with me when Lyn called me to check where I was. Of course this didnt go down well with me. Another with a teenager with the same age as Lyn (shes 17) has issues whenever I have to leave early to pick her up. His excuse was that he had a maid to take care of his daughter. Surprisingly enough, the truly single men were more open to suddden changes in plans. I cannot understand the non empathy from all these dads!

  6. to any one concerned, my name is as mentioned above and am looking for love. any suitable response will be highly appriciated

  7. Very interesting post and topic.

    We have the many single mums, ‘single dads’ hasn’t really taken off here yet, when babies come and new sexy girl passes by in street man can be gone, its common, maybe our new President will pass a law or something !

    So our girls dont meet too many ‘single dads’, just dads, or bettter way to say is biological child producers.

    I like your Blog.


    Marina – Ukraine.

  8. This is good advise for me, my kids are not teenager yet, but almost there.
    I go out with my date once a week, your article gives me something to think about down the road. Thanks!

  9. Glad you dropped by, Mei Mei. Yeap it is tricky when you are a single mom/dad and wants to go out for dates. It is good to understand not to lose our sights/priorities when we go out on dates like these. Sometimes we get too excited with the prospect of the dates that we forget…..btw kool blog you have. I will drop by often!

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