Are You Contented?

A friend who is a Trainer in the corporate world has written something about the Starbucks Generation. The first time Ive heard of this term was when talking to him in my office recently and what can I say? I must agree with his definition.

But, what is so glaring about this Starbucks Generation is this: as much as how they have become the successful individuals in their careers, carrying the latest gadgets in their pockets, always so connected to their Blackberries as if Siamese twins, platinum cards and driving their convertible Beemers around town, most, are not really contented with their lives.

Somehow, they feel that there is a void deep down in themselves, but they just dont know what it is.

Ive talked to a friend recently. He owns a succesful fashion house in Sydney, jetsetting everywhere to attend to his clients. No hesitation to buy anything he fancies at a drop of a hat. No lack of women too by his side. “So, what gives?” I asked. He doesnt know.

Another friend who rubs shoulders with the creme de la creme due to his work as an Aeronautical Consultant feels that all of the modern gadgets make him lose touch with the real world. There is lack of real communication in a true sense as almost everyone is connected via text messenging, emails etc. “There is only an artificial sense of warmth”, he said, “and will lose it the minute you off the gadget.”

The question I want to as you today is this: are you contented? What sort of life that you want to have in order for you to feel contented with life? Is connected with the rest of the human species through all these means give you the feeling of freedom and enchantment, or does simple pleasures in life does? To what extend does all these worldly gadgets give you the feeling of euphoria knowing very well that the same gadgets are actually controlling your lives?


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