How Many Condoms Do You Need In A Month?

I read with amusement about a news in how a US research base in Antartica had received their one year supply of condoms totalling to 16,500 for the usage of the 125 scientists and staff who are based there.

Rough calculation, that makes each person receives about 132 packets of rubbers, that turns out to be about 11 packets per month.

11 packets per month? Only? Unless you recycle them after each use OR you go celibate on most days, I cannot fanthom the consequences if you are on the “active” side.

Oh well, maybe you can just sauter to next bunker, and instead of borrowing a cup of sugar, you might say, ” Do you have extra pack that you can give me? I’d like the purple, studded one if you please? ”



4 Replies to “How Many Condoms Do You Need In A Month?”

  1. A packet here contains 3 condoms so that would be 33 individual condoms. Seems ok to me for the average guy.

  2. Actually 16,500 condoms were shipped with an average of 11 per month for each person. Slap on target for the average. We are one of the biggest suppliers of condoms to corporates in Africa. Over 7 years of supplying condoms the average usage, if you supplying male condoms only, is 10 per person per month. Figures are actually 15 per month but normally only 66% will either use condoms or are sexually active. If we supply to areas around army bases, mines or student campuses; the average rate goes up to about 15 per month.

  3. Hi Mark, thanks for the interesting nugget. I wonder does the rubbers have sizes that caters to that specific region that you sent them to? I was told by a friend that in this side of the pond (Malaysia to be specific) it is difficult for errr…well endowed guys to get something of their size? I could only imagine that rubbers come in one size fits all as they are elastic and could stretch to least 10% of its original size?

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