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Ahem…I am, today, declaring that my so-called diet had gone bust due to my weakening will at refusing comfort food. Blame it on work stress and adding on to that my so called no-social life of late, suddenly the thought of enjoying food reared its head after a long hiatus.


  • Cheesecake.- I mean, come on. Who can resist a fantastic, creamy, yummy-to-tummy looking cheesecake?
  • Beef burgers – no, not the gourmet kind that I lurrrvvvvve from Etoile of Equatorial Hotel, its the Ramli burger kind. Double special with cheese. Priced at about RM4.30 with all the full flare of veges, beef patties and enough sauces and mustard to blow you to the moon, I will be happy tucking this for dinner.
  • Nasi lemak bungkus – I really like the one where this Abang sells his version of nasi lemak bungkus (wrapped nasi lemak ) at the Indo Mee Square in SS2. Sells for RM1.20 per pack, its worth your money. Adding on a piece of his sambal chicken for another RM3.00/piece to this sinfully delicious and aromatic meal, and I will be one happy gal.
  • French toast with vanilla ice cream – ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh to die for and dont mind me for saying – this is about the ultimate sexy food. Ever. Close to orgasm. Better still if theres a glob of peanut butter sandwiched in between…….
  • Cafe latte – It is said that coffee may be good for people who leads a fairly active lifestyle but may not be so for those who do their exercise surfing the channels while playing comatose on the couch. It will lead chronic insulin resistance to the body. Coming back home by 9.30pm everyday makes me want to think nothing but crawl in bed instead of sweating it out at the gym. I guess the only compensation I have is a few hours of walk and gym on Saturday mornings.
  • Mee goreng….I like the mamak mee goreng done quite wet. Supper is not the same without mee goreng mamak and teh tarik halia.
  • Teh tarik halia –

Okay, enough of airing the laundry for today. Lets look for the frappe..mm