Equal Rights Of Muslim Women In Malaysia Questioned.

I have been a long advocate of equality of women in general and Muslim women in specific. I have written blogs and participated in various blog-dialogues quoting many examples from reliable sources on this subject as well.

Having a daughter at home, Lyn has been raised in an environment where she can always come to either me or her father for advice, and that she can go the distant if she wants to. She can go to the highest mountain or cross the biggest ocean because it is there. I have been raised the same and both of my parents have instilled, in their own ways that if I believe I could achieve something, I will.

Not too long ago I have written about oppression of women . Time and again I have expressed that many of the laws contained within the current Muslim world were the works of men who believes that only patriachial ways is the only way to go to control their women. These men are hiding behind the religion and so when the words are spread, the whole entire universe believe it is the religion itself is patriachial.

Zainah Anwar, a founder of Sisters In Islam which is a women’s advocacy group has written numerous articles on the unjust of the current Muslim law in Malaysia that discriminates the womenfolks. Her article – Unjust And Unnecessary  – has fueled so many hearts to speak out including me.

With a new century arrived, I wonder whether the progression that I see around me can be balanced off with equally bad discriminatory law? Is this justice?

When I got divorced from my ex, it was understood that whatever we have earned within the marriage will have to be divided equally between both parties. But, in the event that he dies before the distribution, his share will be shared with his siblings, mother and far away relatives. His daughter will only get one-eigth. Does many Muslim men in this country realises that they can bequeth their portion to their daughters so that they are well protected in the event of their death?

I recalled many years before when he and I bought our very first property and was in the lawyer’s office together with his friend. I brought up the issue of an additional agreement that in the event of my death, my portion will be bequethed straight to my daughter and same goes for his as well. I have no son from this marriage and my daughter will not be so much be protected to gain what is by right solely hers in the event of untimely death of one of us. The friend could not agree to my request, telling me how I have embarassed my (then) husband infront of the lawyer and that it was unreasonable of me to think that my husband (and his parents and siblings) will not take care of my daughter if I were to kick the bucket first.

I told him that if I were dead, I cant do much to protect Lyn as I will be 6 feet down under and being eaten as a buffet feast to all sorts of creepy crawlies. BUT, this agreement will. See how narrow minded he was?

 No wonder his wife left him too.


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  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

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