When Two Worlds Collide

The weather is cool now that the rain has stopped an hour ago. I could see the sillouette of the trees across , perched on top of the hills. And, I am still awake.

Once in a while, during our journey in life, we bumped into someone of whom we had insanely no idea why we got attracted to in the first place. Such furious phase of friendship and the intensity burns. How can two worlds apart can be so aligned, so together and yet so fiercely destructive towards another?

Can the relationship ever see the other side of this intense self sabotaging act? Would it flip and turn into something more meaningful than what it has manifested now?

When two worlds collide.

That was how a friend described me of such kind of relationships. Two entity so full and sure of each other, so full of life. Someowhere down the journey, they gravitade towards each other. And collide.

It could be the end of them. Or for some miracle that can only be from the Hands That Be, will turn this event into such beautiful new creation, if the analogy allows it to be described as such.

Either path, still, these two worlds cant help but to follow their destined route not knowing which way they will end up with.


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