Wedding Pixs

A few days back I blogged about a newly married cousin. Felt compelt to add the wedding ceremony here but a bit hesitant as I didnt get the nod from some of the people of whom I snapped pixs of.

But here goes, the general snippets of the beautiful day.

Traditional dance of zapin was performed infront of guests and bride and groom.

The grand Wedding dais. The Cousin only used fresh flowers.


The delicious spread for guests. Nasi minyak , rendang daging and all the side dishes.

Fair maidens…the cousins of the Clan.

The Teenager and moi


2 Replies to “Wedding Pixs”

  1. Ohh, it was a grand wedding, George. It was a 3 day/2 nite event! I will try to get a video snippet from a cousin’s recording and post.

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