PERNAH (I had been) ~ Ferhad Pengalaman mengajarku (Experience has taught me) Jangan mudah meluahkan isi hatiku (Not to reveal my heart too easily) Tapi bila ia melamarku (But when he proposed) Senyuman ayumu hatiku luas terbuka (Your sweet smile opens up my heart) Yang kuidamkan musnah (My dreams were shattered) Yang kugenggam terpisah (Whats … Continue reading Pernah

Mat Rempit Menace

  The 4  youths on the 2 black RXZs looked like any other Mat Rempit in their early twenties around circling the Uptown routes about looking for a place to have their teh tarik in the early hours of the morning. It was, afterall a Saturday night and FLY FM Anniversary Party, one of the local top radio stations was just … Continue reading Mat Rempit Menace