When I Fall In Love

We are just weeks away from 2009. I was just looking back at my diary at the dates that I have circled from January 2008 till now. They represented all the milestones that I have crossed, the ups and downs of life.

How time flies. How many new friends I have made during this year, and how many had been….filed away in their own little compartments somewhere in the deep recesses of my brain.

I was sharing some thoughts with office colleages a few days back at how life turning events can change a person, from an extreme end to another. Have I mellowed down? Definitely a resounding yes. Would I do all the things that I did with any difference if I could turn back the time? Maybe in certain areas, yes. Do I have any real regrets? Nope.

Here is something for a late night listening while you guys reflect on whats next on your plate for 2009. Have  fun listening!


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