My Little Kampung Trip

Raub, a small town of about an hours drive away from Kuala Lumpur, has seen much development and changes after all these years. It has traffic lights now, and its own little traffic jams too. Amazing! Raub’s colonial past is still evident by the still-standing old buildings such as the Town Municipal building as well as its famous Rest House.

My 16th birthday was held in its VIP dining area at the Rest House. The white-washed building still stands majestically as how I recalled it. The infamous Sunday Market is bustling as ever too. I managed to get a few “kampung” items which could not be found in KL’s market. Found some bananas going at RM3.00 for two combs. Dirt cheap and must have came out from someone’s backyard orchard. The petai was of excellent size and the tempoyak (fermented durian) was fresh.

Not much of snaps for the trip today as I was too tired. There were a series of events that happened today though I will not bother too much to write them down. Suffice to say, they took away some of the enthusiasm and a few hours away from the planned schedule. It rained too.

More snaps to share on my next trip.


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