Lutnen Conel

My funny and weird encounters with scammers on the net are too many to mention but this was a real classic case. He said he is an engineer based in London and has 4 siblings of which, a brother is currently working in the US military.

Read on how our chat coming to an end abruptly…

Engineer: Ive brotha who lives in US
Hanie: I see…and how long has he been there?
Engineer: 25 years. He works there.
Hanie: where does he works?
Engineer: in the military as a conel.
Hanie: Conel? Um…ok..what does a conel do in military?
Engineer: Dont know what he really does but he is a lutnen conel….
Hanie: Ok…a lutnen conel…thanks for the chat. Gotta go!

What a blinking idiot guy. You wonder why I find it difficult to trust. Go figure!


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