Hello 2009, Goodbye 2008


Its midnight as I type this. 2009 has arrived, leaving behind 2008 that has done so much for me in terms of new growth in professional and personal lives. I could hear the fireworks from the distance.

Here I am clanking away in a cafe near the house. Just a year ago to the date, I was sitting in the garden outside of the old place I used to live with Socks The Cat and the coldness of the night, reflecting on what life I had in 2007, and what I will leave away with.

So much has happened since then. Left an unhappy marriage. I moved house. Recreated a new me. Changed career. Found a new love…and so I thought. Left that one too and found one again.

What does 2008 means to me this year?

2008 gave me new lease of life. A totally new Hanie in terms of outlook of life and shift of mindset. It could even bordering me not recognising the old me anymore but then I digress. I intend to look back, just some glances, learn from what happened, then move forward from there.

2008 just slipped away, just like that. Maybe I was having too much fun, thats what they say when you didnt realise how time flies. I found a great career with a great team. New sets of friends with some old, dear ones still keeping in touch every once in a while. I reconnected with relatives far and near knowing for a fact that my teenager needs to know her roots, lest she leaves far away from home one day.

2009, hopefully will bring a better tomorrow, rebuilding what good that I brought forth from the previous life I had and again looking back once in a while as a good measure to make sure I didnt forget.


Almost Wordless Monday

Tiada Lagi – by Mayang Sari

Sia-sia sudah, kita jalin cinta
Bila hati selalu berbeda
Sampai kapan lagi, kuharus menahan
Rasa kecewa di dalam dada

Seandainya kita masih bersatu
Tak mungkin kan menyatu
Walau masih ada sisa cinta
Biarkan saja berakhir sampai di sini

Tiada lagi yang kuharapkan
Tiada lagi yang kuimpikan
Biar aku sendiri tanpa dirimu
Tiada lagi kata cintaku
Takkan lagi ku bersamamu
Biar kusimpan semua
Kenanganku bersamamu.
Sampai kapan lagi ku harus menahan
Rasa kecewa di dalam dada

Thinking Out Loud

Just a year ago

I sat in my room

Watching the raindrops

And wiping my tears

At the same time

Thinking how

They mocked me

With the funny weather and all.

Stronger now

Thats for sure.

Reflecting While In The Lion City



 The koi pond. The fishes are well fed. Fat.

 One of the entrances to the Koi pond. (below)






I was away for a couple of days in Singapore for a working trip. However, being me, it was rather difficult NOT to not take any interesting pictures and immortalizing them with my camera. I took a short moment away from the working phase and went for a walk at Sun Tech City, a huge rambling convention cum shopping mall. The place was filled to the brim with people from all walks of life due to the fact that there were store-wide discounts offered.

From this posting, you can see all sorts of moments, of different time, places and faces.

While walking, I passed an ice cream stand – Andersons Ice Cream- and ordered this yummy vanilla stick ice cream coated with the loveliest chocolate and chopped nuts. My walk took me to the lower ground floor of the mall where I found the Koi Pond. A great place to sit and reflect quietly. There were many benches to sit and so I walked to one and did just that, all the while still enjoying my ice cream.

Just not too long ago, I reflected, all these simple enjoyment escaped me. It was all work. Everything were calculated. Cold. Dry cut. It was fun and fulfiled while it lasted. BUT, this was more fun I thought.

Never had I imagined how liberating and carefree I felt in a metropolitan city, sitting on that bench, watching the koi swimming and feeling the breeze in my hair.










Trip To Singapore


Here I am looking out of the windows of my 11th floor hotel room. Located in Tanjong Pagar Road, it is a short walk away from a loooooooooooooong rows upon rows of clubs and pubs.

But, I didnt go there to check out the night life. Not this trip anyway as its a working trip;-p

Will post pixs of my observations the minute I could.

Validation To Action

A friend once told me that to gauge a man is to see what he does rather than to hold on to what he says. But sometimes, as human being we want validation to what we feel, hear and see. I hold to my words close to my skin therefore my words are as good as my promise. ..


Christmas Trees In KL

Each year I am awed at all the various decorations malls put up. Some have very interesting themes, some..are just plain mundane. Come Eidil Fitri, you will see nice little kampung houses sprouted in malls complete with paddy fields and such. The only thing missing are cows, chicken and ducks. Deepavali will have all the various sweet meats stalls put up and lanterns signifying the auspicious day. Come Christmas, the only thing missing from all of the decoration lights and christmas trees and carollers are..yes..you guessed it..reindeers. The Santas come in various shapes and sizes and colours too..

Aaaaaaaaanyways…I have been going about the city for past many weeks to visit my clients. Sometimes, I’d go out to the malls in the evening for some look-see activities window shopping. Ive managed to have a few snap shots of the decorations as well.

Have fun browsing the pictures.

My Favourite Things





Raindrops on roses & whiskers on kittens

 Bright copper kettles & warm woollen mittens

 Brown paper packages tied up with string

 Cream coloured ponies & crisp apple strudel

Door bells & sleigh bells & schnitzel with noodles

Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings

Girls in white dresses & blue satin sashes

Snow-flakes that stay on my nose & eye-lashes

Silver white winters that melt into spring

 These are a few of my favourite things.

When the dog bites,

When the bee stings,

When I’m feeling sad,

I simply remember my favorite things,

And then I don’t feel, so bad.

Moving Forward

Operate as though love, success, and happiness are already yours

 When you truly believe that

 You will burn your baggage and welcome someone new



~~Dr Gilda Carle