Almost Wrapping Up The Month Of December

  • I looked at my archive and found that I did 23 postings in last December 2007 as oppose to current 2 (and now 3 with this).
  • WordPress came back with its Xmas theme and the falling snow. Had loved it then and still love it now. Thanks Matt!
  • I looked out of my windows this morning and saw the rain falling. I recalled doing the same thing sometime last year too. The cats were all furling up in their pens.

Moving forward in life’s journey has been quite a challenge. Some of the routes are a breeze to walk. You put on your shoes and move forward. It comes with nice sceneries too. Some a lot tougher. You need to climb and climb, maneuver the tricky bends and sometimes you need a push from someone.

I learnt that people retires at age of 55, and then there is a good 30 years ahead of that to enjoy post retirement. Thinking out loud and looking from where my age now, thats a hell lot of years to live more for. So, what have I done to prepare myself for those years? This are some of the questions I have been asking a lot lately.

It has been a great year this 2008 althought a mixed-bag is more of an appropriate term for it, but with all the goodies thrown in and balanced off the bad ones. Career has been fanta-bulous, great team, great time, great experiences and challenges. Lyn my teenager has finally finished off her last exam papers last week and now on a long break before her college next year. I gain new friends. Went to new places. Learn to love again. Did new stuff. And, looking forward for more.


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