My Cousin’s Post

My cousin brother , Ghaz had posted a lovely nostalgic blog recently and only today I took a moment to have a linkback to his. It is great to see old pixs of our late grand father, great grand father and my late uncle (who is my cousin’s dad).

Growing up in the kampung, my cousins and I had some fond memories of sitting over at the wide verandah of our grandfather and listening him spinning tales. Each one of us had our own favourite stories to hear and he would oblige. He would sit on the rocking chair, and we kids laying down on the floor.

Our great grandfather’s contributions to the society was acknowledged by way of a school was named after him. Each time I passed that school, I would point it to my daughter.

Ghaz’s dad was a policeman. He definitely had the height and size and the voice of a drill sergeant. We cousins were scared of his voice than anything else. But we all had fond memories of him, thats for sure.

Moving forward now, the group of cousins in the family have decided to bridge what is left of our generation and hoping that all the knowledge, relationships and heritage brought down by the family decades ago are not lost.


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