Hello 2009, Goodbye 2008


Its midnight as I type this. 2009 has arrived, leaving behind 2008 that has done so much for me in terms of new growth in professional and personal lives. I could hear the fireworks from the distance.

Here I am clanking away in a cafe near the house. Just a year ago to the date, I was sitting in the garden outside of the old place I used to live with Socks The Cat and the coldness of the night, reflecting on what life I had in 2007, and what I will leave away with.

So much has happened since then. Left an unhappy marriage. I moved house. Recreated a new me. Changed career. Found a new love…and so I thought. Left that one too and found one again.

What does 2008 means to me this year?

2008 gave me new lease of life. A totally new Hanie in terms of outlook of life and shift of mindset. It could even bordering me not recognising the old me anymore but then I digress. I intend to look back, just some glances, learn from what happened, then move forward from there.

2008 just slipped away, just like that. Maybe I was having too much fun, thats what they say when you didnt realise how time flies. I found a great career with a great team. New sets of friends with some old, dear ones still keeping in touch every once in a while. I reconnected with relatives far and near knowing for a fact that my teenager needs to know her roots, lest she leaves far away from home one day.

2009, hopefully will bring a better tomorrow, rebuilding what good that I brought forth from the previous life I had and again looking back once in a while as a good measure to make sure I didnt forget.


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