It’s Great To Be Alive

I have gained some wonderful blogger friends through various blogging sites and this friendship is continued through Facebooking. It is amazing how this simple social platform has brought some wonderful people all over the world into truly one seamless connection. A distant FB friend was diagnosed as having Colon Cancer stage 4 and she kept … Continue reading It’s Great To Be Alive

The Ox Is Coming

Just days from today is the Chinese Year Of The Ox. I wondered what this year could hold for me especially the in love, career and money department. (since when it has been not??)   One astrology page says this to me who is a Rooster: “For the Rooster, the year of the Ox offers … Continue reading The Ox Is Coming

The One

The journey of one’s life never really stops. That is unless she dies and goes down 6 feet down under. Or cremated and have her ashes strewn (for some reason I have this romantic notion that the green ocean of Maldives is the best place to do this). You have phases in your life. You … Continue reading The One

A Place To Unwind

I dont usually advertise places, services or company names unless its really worth mentioning. On this rare occassions, I am going to write a little bit of this place called Amanrimba (literally translated to peaceful forest) where I had the chance of being hosted by the wonderful caretaker, Intan. I was with the HR Director … Continue reading A Place To Unwind

The Weekend

The Teenager and I pushed off from Kuala Lumpur on Saturday morning to head for Malacca, one of our favourite cities to be. It was a nice, slow drive, taking in the sceneries and surprisingly the traffic was very good. Did a few pit stops too so therefore the supposedly 2.5 hours drive became longer … Continue reading The Weekend

Show Me The Way

A relationship needs to have its course charted, just a like a ship, or a journey, as it is a journey by itself. Otherwise, with no road map then you will be left with your own devise, not sure which way to go, feeling alone and vulnerable. Continue reading Show Me The Way