The Ugly Malaysians

Against my better judgment, I went to Tesco earlier this evening to return an electrical appliance I bought last month.

But thats not the rant I have in mind today.

Its about The Ugly Malaysians. Yeah. Let me get that right.


Allow me to demonstrate this ugly side, the real truth, nothing but the real ogre hiding behind all of these seemingly gently people :

Scene 1

The parking was full and so the entrance towards the parking was understandably choked. You need to queue at the turning before reaching the parking machine. I saw the car infront of me going in but had to stop right after the barrier came down. A few seconds past.

Some idiot Ugly Malaysians honked way behind my car, urging me to press the parking machine and going in. How the hell would I be able to do that when the car after the barrier was still not moving?

Scene 2

Patiently, I drove around the parking lot and managed to get a lot. But, not before having to move, not one, not two..but 4 shopping trolleys to the trolley bays which was only like a few feet away.

Some idiot Ugly Malaysians just seems to be blind.

Scene 3

My patience was wearing thin by the time I heaved my rice cooker on the escalator and The Teenager dutifully followed behind. I stood on the left side of the escalator when a family consisting of a mom, dad and a few children brazenly pushed me to the side. The mom’s eyes met with mine, and she just didnt seem to care and walked on. The children were everywhere pushing everyone on the escalator.

I began to curse quietly….

Scene 4

Did the exchange of the appliance. Grabbed a few items from the shelves and began to walk towards one of the cashier counters.

One smartass Ugly Malaysian tried to jump queue by pushing her cart  infront of me, AND diverted her eyes to look straight to the front.

Yea, right.


I pulled her trolley.



To the end of the queue.

And gave her and the husband a look that could kill and gave them a piece of my mind. I walked back to where I stood.

Scene 5

Goods paid. Walked back towards the car. By this time I felt light headed with anger and prayed noone cross my path.

Reached my car. Saw 3 shopping carts placed in front of my car instead of the proper bay. God answered my prayers for not having me seeing who the idiots Ugly Malaysians did this as otherwise he/she would have been fitted in nicely in the shopping cart upside down.



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