It’s Great To Be Alive

I have gained some wonderful blogger friends through various blogging sites and this friendship is continued through Facebooking. It is amazing how this simple social platform has brought some wonderful people all over the world into truly one seamless connection.

A distant FB friend was diagnosed as having Colon Cancer stage 4 and she kept this quiet since she was diagnosed last year. 2 days ago she announced to her FB friends that she would undergo a major operation this morning. Days before this, she posted a beautiful note to everyone asking for forgiveness and hinting there was more to this sad farewell note.

Early this morning, another FB friend had a quick shout-out that she was already in the OT. Mid morning came and we found out she passed away after the operation.

I re read her last farewell note. I could sense her strength despite the pain she must have gone through. She was a beautiful young lady and to think that she would no longer be able to feel tomorrow’s morning sun. Or hear the birds. Or even to talk to the persons who matter most to her.

I made my thanks to God for being alive today so that I can hug and tell my daughter that I love her. I was also able to tell my boyfriend how much he means to me and telling him that I love him dearly.

I reflected back on some of the actions I took in my life. Many were done out of necessity. And many more because, in my mind, there might not be tomorrow for me to do it, or to say the things I wanted to say.

And that, its great to be alive!


3 Replies to “It’s Great To Be Alive”

  1. Yeah kinda schocking, ST. And to think that she could have known she would never survived the operation. She rejected a proposal from a guy last year as she knew she would not live long…

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